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Thread: 63 Stevens?????

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    I have a question for you Sir? What kind of a video camera did you take this movie with? This video is EXCELLENT. I want the brand and model #. I will buy one and a friend also wants one.
    It is so clear and steady. I thought is was really great. My friend thought the same thing after about five minutes. So give up the INFO please.....

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    My video camera is a Sony. I've had this camera about 4 years now so I'm sure they have better and newer models. It is called a Digital Handycam. 450x digital zoom. model DCR-TRV520-NTSC

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    Thanks, I hooked the VCR up to my house stereo last night to watch the movie. eek! The wife and kids sat outside..... eek!

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    what movie? A boat movie? I want one.

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    63 Stevens has the best video I think I have ever seen. It is from Red Rock. He should quit his job and start into the movie business. wink

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    I'm to close to retirement to quite right now. Maybe in 4 years I can go in that direction.

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    Oh shittttt!!!! eek! eek!

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    I don't think you have anything to worry about. Trust me.

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