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Thread: WANTED: Chrysler Hemi V-Drive oil pan

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    was just down at the place building my motor and a guy brought his V-Drive in with a 331 Hemi in it and said he had metal shavings in the Oil when he changed it after they pulled the motor out of boat at the shop i noticed the oil pan is a Automobile style pan (rear Sump pan) i asked him how long he ran with the pan like that and he said 1 maybe 2 years and was a recently rebuilt motor at that time .... i mentioned to him your motor might last longer with a v-drive pan instead .. was kinda funny there were 2 patched spots on the pan where it could have thrown a rod before (i wonder why) lol anyway Anyone have a used or new Chrysler Hemi 331 Oil pan they want to get rid of?

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    331 is the little hemi isn't it? Seems like that might be an odd ball. You might be building him a pan.

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    331 is the little hemi isn't it? Seems like that might be an odd ball. You might be building him a pan.
    yes its the small hemi punched out to 356 . im not making him a Pan he can make one himself .. thats beyond my capability.. i just told him that i can find him one if there is one out there .. ive done some searching and noticed Dooley doesnt list a hemi smaller then the 426 so if anyone has any info on where to get a new one or even better a used one let me know thanks , Bill

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    This fellow's fairly handy at building a high quality pan

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    thanks for the link to that website ... i called and left a message so we'll see ... thanks again , Bill

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