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    Check the new setup. 22 ultimate warlock w/ 225 w/jackplate w/ low water pickup and 202 hrs on it. this thing is cherry! barely even beached, probobly a dozen scratches on the bottom... pretty much brand new. im so mutha focken stoked! got it over at Lakeland Marine for hydraluc steering then going to rons detail so should be next weekend. lookin forward to talk to other outboard cats....

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    Nice boat how about a pic we can see.

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    i thought i did.....lemme try again...

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    How fast does she run? What prop are you running? Looks very nice.. You will enjoy the feeling of having a tunnel hull and with that outboard you should use little gas

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    it should go arond 75 but i havent really pushed it yet... still trying to see how to rub her the right way...i think its a 23 i cant really remember.anything will get better gas than my jet....

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    What year?? I got the same boat with a 300x for 3 years now and I luv it!

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    The warlock is gonna be so much better on gas and especially on your kidneys then the jet was! Don't see many of them floatin' around...I can't see the pic but is it the '97 with blue and white gel coat? If so nice lookin' sled!

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    Pony Sled
    After cursing on my friends Cat with an Outboard I was hooked! I found the same boat in Riverside and towed it back to Az. Runs like caddy and Mercury Outboard 250 Offshore with a jack plate runs out sweet.
    Out size prop are you running?

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