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Thread: A day at the races w/onboard footage!!!

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    Here is a little video I thought I would share with everyone. The onboard is on two different types of boats. The yellow boat #13 runs at about 86 mph, While the blue boat runs close to 118 mph on the course. There are also hydros in the video too. Two racers takes some pretty hard licks in the video also.

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    Those are badass! What are those little outboard picklefork thinhgs racin?

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    Thats amazing. When I was a senior in HS, a few of us guys would take summer vacation in HOOPA, CA and work in the lumber yards on the graveyard shift to earn money for cars, girls, booze, etc. Well, we camped on that river, and those guys are racing in our bath...

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    The little pickleforks are a 4'-8' sheet of plywood!! They call em hydros!!!!!!!!!

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    Those are badass! What are those little outboard picklefork thinhgs racin?
    Back in the 70s a friend of mine had one of those B-Hydros. He used to take it to CrazyHorse all the time. It was only 8' long and had a 90HP racing merc on it. to drive it you had to basicly sit on your knees

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    That's what those guys are doing too sleek! I guess you could call it a power Kneeboard!!!:idea:

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    Saw one of those outboard hydro's run the kilo's at Parker a few years back and it went WAY over 100...

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    Awesome video. Thanks for posting. Never heard of Hoopa, CA but checked and it is up in Northern CA near Eureka

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    spectras only
    My buddy used to race one of those in the late 60's and the 70's ,until they were required capsules in the 80's , then he bailed the sport.He had a Koenig tuner OB , and reached 125-135 kmph on a short closed course on the river Danube .
    Found a tid bit of info >

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    I was amazed when I first saw them, That with a prop they stiil hug the banks, And boy are they fast!!!!

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