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Thread: more room for v drive 18 ft stevens

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    im looking at some new seating for 18 ft stevens v drive v haul. its setup as 2 buckets up front.

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    You can't beat a back to back bench for seats in a flat but most don't like them cause they don't look "racey" enough. Seat 5 depending on were the v drive is and its nice for relaxing or tearing off a piece.

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    heres a pic of the boat it had goofy front bench with a console up front and some weird storage in the rear.

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    That seat back looks too close to the wheel from my view. Add 3" to that for foam and figure out how close you are. It looks like you could make a bench and have a small doghouse for the v drive to get it back far enough to be comfortable. In the back you 'll have 2 side seats with a drive line cover down the middle. What I like to do is build the frame and lay a 2" straight edge across the gunnel. Draw your line and taper the last 10"-12" down to 1/2-3/4" below th rail for upholstery. Your other choice is back to back buckets with a console down the middle. The console coulld also be sat on if needed and have drink holders or storage compartment. If youu're going to build your own seats remember that those old boats are far from symetrical. I've seen stringer to hand rail height vary as much as 2 1/2" from one side to the other.

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    flat chance
    Hey rancid I see your from Utah, where are you located? Have you thought about a lounge interior? You would have a drivers seat with a lounge bench that wraps all the way around the inside with the exception of the slight hump where your v-drive is located. If you live around the salt lake or utah county area, PM me your number and maybe we can get together and I can show you an example of what I'm talking about.

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    im a utah guy in riverton, hoping to get the boat out sometime. i found these seats and i was thinking about 4 of these and nice console with a cooler and cupholders and mabe storage.

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    I'm a DIY kind of guy. I find it is always cheaper to make my own vs buying something off the shelf. I built my own bench using plywood. I went on youtube and found a video on how to upholster using Marine Vinyl. I bought my Marine Vinyl from It was cheap and had free shipping. I put it all together and it looks great. I know you are probably looking for the easier more expensive option, but I figured I would throw this out there as an option.

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