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Thread: **Tunnel Ram COMPLETE**

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    Weiand Tunnel Ram COMPLETE for rect. port 454 - Ported and Polished - Fits Std. Deck block
    -2ea 4781, 850cfm Holley double pumper race carbs - no choke horns
    -All throttle linkage
    -Rex Marine billet fuel rail
    -Stainless lines with liquid-filled gauge
    -Dooley scoop and boot WITH CG approved flame arrestors
    -Includes two carb. rebuild kits
    This unit came off an engine built for the drags, but I choose to set the boat up for going round-n-round. A nice all-inclusive set-up for those of you not worred about current gas prices
    PM or Call

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    Would like to see pics of TR & carbs, but would like to know what the milled horn means to running.

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