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Thread: Anyone ever seen the Blue Angels?

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    Well, I'm glad to say I have now, up close and personal without paying admission. They are at the local air show and my new pad happens to be exactly underneath the edge of their perimeter!! Got to watch them practice all day yesterday and I was impressed. The individual performers were so close to me that I could look up and see their heads moving in the cockpit as they pivoted around my house. I've seen normal F-18's turn and these rigs put them to shame! They literally drew a circle around my block at 300+ knots, splitting the air.
    I soon got used to the sound until my windows started to rattle heavily. I ran out to the balcony just in time to see six beautiful blue and yellow F-18's wingtip-wingtip passing over me for the "grand finale"!! It was truly awesome, seeing them perform all their signature moves from a few miles and getting to see the outside planes set up for their routines right over my head. I can't wait until they perform for real. I'll try to get some good pics of the guys crankin' and yankin'!!

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    Xlration Marine
    Yup when I was little, and saw Unlimited Hydro's running on the St. Lawrence River. That would be the piston packing days.

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    I've seen them at air shows at Belle Chasse Naval Airstation in Louisiana and at El Toro several times.......takes your breath away!!!
    Makes you proud............:idea:

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    Opps....triple post....better cut down on the meds.......

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    Yes.... And the Thunderbirds too..
    Spent plenty of time in the Air Force but the Blue Angles really got it going on.
    Everything they have going on is just down right amazing....
    Imagine.... The technology of the F16 and the F18 are around 30 yrs old.. AND EVERYONE IS IMPRESSED... America kicks ass
    Maybe I should go by a Tundra (you know they are made here)

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    Seen a show years ago but have seen them pretty regularly practicing when I've been in to watch them. Stop on the top of a big dune for the best views.

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    Exactly. I swelled with pride watching the 6 in formation slowly and majestically lining up for a low altitude pass over the airstrip. We have military personnel capable of that, and yet our leadership can't seem to lead our forces to victory against a bunch of Muslim cretins...Go figger

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