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Thread: So this is why you guys all love the tooners!

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    At LOTO.
    Just a note... When your cooler starts floating away then it is time to take notice.

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    that's hilarious!

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    nice one...

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    Only one guy was smart enough to put his jacket on!!!!!! Pretty funny video. Mike

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    I almost spat my coffee out!!!! when the one guy said "we're on the Titanic, here..."

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    "You got anything to bail with? ... Open the doors and let the water out." Classic.....

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    Nice find lol

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    Amazing how within a minute and a half the mood turned from laughing and having a jovial good time to oh crap we're sinking....
    Favorite quotes:
    "we're on the Titanic"
    "Hey Larry save the beer"
    And for Kill'r
    "look at this crap" as the big boat flys by them (1:35)

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    The captains boat is takin on water, but the beer never leaves his hand!!

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    "Hey Larry, save the beer" - thats classic.
    I like their logic...boat is taking on large amounts of water, just go faster.

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