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Thread: Bravo III engine info.

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    Does anyone know what size carb.(cfm) is on a 1995 7.4l bravo III? And also does anyone know if the heads would be oval or rectangular port? Answers to these would be greatly appreciated.:idea:
    Oh yea the carb appears to be a carter afb type.

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    Carb was made by Weber, it's a 750 CFM. The 7.4 has the small oval port heads. You need to check the serial number, though. In October '95 Merc changed over to a Gen VI block and the heads changed a bit.
    Just FYI, the intake manifold on that engine is a spread bore config for a Quadrajet with a spacer. I had a '95 7.4, replaced the intake with a dual plane Edelbrock and the enjum was much happier.....

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    Thanx rrrr, :idea: I was thinking of putting a 800cfm holley on it, along with an edelbrock rpm air gap intake and an HEI ign. The exhaust is stock manifolds open to 4 inch tips with slip in silencers. What do you think yea or nea????

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    Sounds good but I would leave the ignition alone...the Thunderbolt V is a pretty good setup.
    Make sure you time it properly, there's a white and purple wire off the distributor with a rubber plug in the bullet connector. Remove the plug and ground the wire before you set the initial timing.

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    Will do, thanx again!!

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