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Thread: mercury outboard oil / 2.5 series

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    daytona 23
    does any one know the diff between performance blend and premium plus oil ,i need to know. manual calls for performance blend 2,thanks. also just found out what amsoil does to merc power heads,mine are both being redone,the rings are shot and the sides of the pistons look like they were sand blasted, 120 hours on the motors they were not run hard either,any input would be good. thanks jay.

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    Boat Racer
    I recommend Pennzoil TCW3... I run the 100% synthetic brand. My motor has probably 5 times as many hours, than yours do and NO PROBLEMS...
    Run them at 32:1 and just turn the key.
    I turn mine 9000+ and the rings and pistons are 6 years old!!!!
    As for your question, can't give you much imput..

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    I used to use the same Pensoil as Boatracer, I got to looking at the bottle it comes in and it says that the oil is water soluble. No big deal if you buy gas at the gas station on land, but could play hell if water has got into the tank of the dock pumps. I switched back to Mercury Performance and no worries. Just my .02 cents. 2.4l's are a little on the smokey side anyways, so the sythetic really did not clear the up. Run what the warranty says to run. Later, Gary.
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    Trailer Park Casanova
    I ran the Pennsoil and Suzuki cci super and they both were excellent in my 240HP.
    I've always had my doubts about Merc oils.
    I put them in there with the Wall Mart 4 bucks a gallon stuff.
    Stinky, gooey, smokey.

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    Boat Racer
    Timebomb, I can't prove it, but many years ago Mercury oil used to be green, then one day Mercury oil changed to blue....
    The reason I'm saying this is because a friend of my father's used Merc, and we used Pennzoil..
    Oh, Pennzoil, changed to blue that same year, and let's face it, Mercury only buys the oil bottled with their label. I'm not saying Pennzoil makes Merc.'s oil but someone does....
    Oh, ALL our fuel is trucked in, we've NEVER bought any at the docks, not even, the houseboat, and it holds 180 gallons(it's 4-stroke)!!!! Maybe that's why I've never had a problem...
    Just my .02 cents worth

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