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    Isaac Daniel’s Compass™ line of sneakers pushes the limits of how technology can function in footwear. This innovative technology embedded into a line of athletic shoes promises to locate the shoe on the earth's surface with the press of a button. This GPS athletic shoe blends simplicity, high quality and technology.
    Created by inventor and designer, Isaac Daniel, and providing technology through its advanced footwear locating capabilities, the shoe has the potential to save lives through its patent pending Quantum Satellite Technology™ and "Covert Alarm Locator Apparatus™ system" with GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking abilities. The Compass™ sneaker is, says Daniel, “the world’s most advanced GPS enabled satellite locator shoes, the first to protect the privacy of its wearers and the first to use a Covert Alarm Locator Apparatus™ (CALA) system.” The GPS technology is embedded into seven different men’s and women’s sneaker models with 19 color combinations; are outfitted with a micro computer with satellite tracking communications capability, that, in the event of a perceived crisis by the wearer, a panic button can be pushed if they are in trouble and want to be located. Clearly, the GPS technology housed in the athletic shoe can be used to locate the whereabouts of the shoe and may serve as a valuable tool in assisting local law enforcement in locating the wearer.
    Finding the Compass™ footwear or the person wearing the GPS athletic shoe is currently only available through the ID Conex monitoring center. However, there are very specific procedures to activate the shoe's monitoring signal, when trying to find the location of the footwear. The wearer can press the Covert Alarm Locator Apparatus™ system in the event of a perceived crisis. The alarm generates an emergency signal to the company’s ID Conex monitoring center pinpointing the shoes’ location on the earth’s surface. The only other method is that a police report must be filed first and then a specified guardian or parent must call ID Conex. The ID Conex staff will communicate with local law enforcement to provide them with the available information to locate the whereabouts of the shoe towards the goal of possibly locating the wearer of the GPS athletic shoes that generated the signal.
    The technology utilized in the Compass™ sneaker by Isaac Daniel gives the wearer peace of mind in regards to privacy. It contains an embedded module in the heel of the shoe with the battery in the arch and the antennae mounted on the upper side of the shoe. The shoe is in a “sleep” mode until activated. The battery when fully charged will last up to 3-4 weeks in sleep mode, of course, the shoe comes with a USB port.
    There are additional benefits to this GPS athletic shoe. Coming equipped with a dual density insole, which enhances blood circulation and massages the foot, the Compass™ footwear by Isaac Daniel is comfortable as well as safe. The Quantum Satellite Technology ™ module is lightweight, and is optimally placed for improved signal reception, while the Covert Alarm Locator Apparatus ™ system provides easy user access while retaining privacy and extending battery life… If you didn’t know our patent pending Quantum Satellite Technology™ system was in the shoe at the time of your purchase, you would probably never be able to distinguish the difference. Your feet will think that they have gone to heaven when wearing this GPS athletic shoe.
    The cost of a GPS athletic shoe by Isaac Daniel is only $340 per pair with a $19.95 per month (on a 1-year service contract and $16.95 per month on a 2-year service contract). They are available in MenÂ’s and WomenÂ’s sizes now and childrenÂ’s sizes are coming soon.

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    Gotta get some of those. They should be great for my cross training:1) Lying on the couch, and 2) Getting up to go to the fridge.
    I've wondered for awhile if wealthy people have those in their kids' clothes to prevent kidnapping.

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