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Thread: Are you CPR certifed, what kind of First Aid do you carry on your boat?

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    Given that many threads on this board lately are about accidents, injuries, close calls, and death, how many of you are prepared if it happens in front of you. What kind of first aid kits are you carrying on board and do you think it is adequate? Do you know CPR and do you have any kind of CPR mask on board in case you are called to duty. I worked as an EMT for a few years while in collage and I never had a save. I also never relieved an average Joe citizen from the initial CPR that was started before we arrived on scene. There was always lots of people standing around to tell us who needed help though. We won't all be able to rely on off duty Cops and Firemen if the need arises.

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    my wife is a certified lifeguard and we just have a very basic first aid kit on the boat. i have had CPR classes that were put on by our local fire dept but that was 4 years ago.
    2 of my nieces are also certified lifeguards and work up in wrightwood.. normally one or both go with us on our river trips.

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    We carry a pretty good first aid kit and being a cetified rescue diver I do know CPR I just hope I never have to use any of that training.

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    Make it a Double

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    Yes and none. Just recieved CPR certification for infant through adult but carry no first aid equipment on board. Maybe a cheap first aid kit would be a good idea. :idea:

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    We carry two kits, (different ones) on our boat, my wife has to get certified every so often cause she is a teacher and I use to be certified, but still know CPR.

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    Yes I am certified in first aid and CPR but its been a while.
    I put together my own kit and put it in a extra large fanny pack. It carries the usual cut, bumps, butterfly bandages, antiseptic and pain stuff plus what I call a big wound kit:
    Extra gauze, pads, tape and a big aerosol can of medically sterile water for cleaning out big wounds or severs. We also have some medicine called bleed stop that is supposed to stop excessive bleeding. So far used it for one medium cut and one deep butterfly bandage slice. It goes where we go.
    Also have some benedryl in there too for any allergic reactions ie bees, scorpion etc....

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    Am out of certification. We have a pretty good first aid kit on the boat.

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    Its crazy you just posted this, because I dont know if anyone was at the Avi this weekend, but I was the guy tending to the injured person that got hit by a seadoo boat on his jetski. :jawdrop:
    I am a certified EMT, but quit that career years ago. Well, it came in real handy over the weekend. I was just on the beach talking with this guy and his friends, real cool dude. Even took them for a ride in my boat. End of day was coming, and everyone decided to head back to load up boats. He got on his early model two seater jet ski and rounded the corner of the lagoon. I idled out and when i got to the ramp, I see him face up with his jetski half sunk floating down river!!!!!! Another guy had jumped in for him, and was floating with him trying to hold c-spine. I raced back to try to fetch the scoop off the fireboat at the Avi dock, and it was locked according to the beach crew. Flew back in my boat, got down river, loaded him up, and rushed to dock. He was still way out of it. Got to the ramp and got him layed down, lacerations everywhere, nothing super major. He was way altered, starting getting combative. Definate head injury. Blood from ears. We got him down and I held C-spine for a good 10 mins till FD showed up. Helped package him up and off he went.
    Got a note on my car in the morning from the friends, thanking me and letting me know he was fine and stayed overnight with concusiion and lots of stiches. He doesnt remember anything about accident. Still dont know what happened, but it was crazy. Noone knows who was at fault. All I know is that how crazy it was this weekend, I wont be going back to Avi. Way too many amatuers and rentals, as I should have known.
    The real hero of the whole thing was my girl holding my boat off the rocks on the ramp while I tended to the hurt guy. Noone even offered to help her, they were more upset that the ramp was blocked!

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    Maybe a cheap first aid kit would be a good idea. :idea:
    Why would you go cheap on something that could possibly save your life or prevent an infection, etc? Go with the good stuff on this one.

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