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Thread: Lettermans Top 10 - Nascar/naacp

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    This will drive Al and Jessie crazy, but its Letterman, not anyone we know personally:
    10 Top Reasons why there are no black NASCAR drivers;
    10. Have to sit upright while driving
    9. Pistol won't stay under front seat
    8. Engine noise drowns out the rap music
    7. Pit crew can't work on car while holding up pants at same time
    6. They keep trying to carjack Dale Jr
    5. Police cars on track interfere with race
    4. No passenger seat for the ho
    3. No Cadillacs approved for competition
    2. When theycrash their cars, they bail out and run
    and the number one reason why blacks can't be in NASCAR
    1. They can't wear their helmets sideways

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    Still funny even if isnt true.

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    I can't believe anyone with at least two functioning brain cells would think that ever appeared on David Letterman.
    If Mencia or Chappelle said it then it would be okay... http://www.***

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    Liberator TJ1984
    What do you call a Ho on Birthcontrol ??:idea:
    a Crime Stopper

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