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Thread: Bowhunting.....

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    Angry Inch
    What bow?

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    Her anchor point is wrong (string should touch the tip of her nose), her left arm is not straight with her shoulders and she looks like she snaps the trigger and grips the bow when she shoots. As a trained archery coach, I think I can help her. We'll need to schedule private lessons. Have her PM me.

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    Sleeper CP
    Looked to me like their posture is not correct. I'll volunteer to help them with it.
    Sleeper CP
    565" Ford Lover

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    fat rat
    She defy's gravity!

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    Hey I know her. :idea: :idea:

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    He wasn't a very good coach. He should have never taken his eyes off of her. I promise i won't

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    HELL YEA!!! A GEORGIA GIRL!!! Looks like she has experience with those fat shafts

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    Oh god

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    it looks like she can handle both the fat (cxl250s) and the skinny (bemans) shafts as every picture shows her with different arrows. I must be getting old, i'm noticing way to much about her archery equipment and not enough about her bodatiously hot equipment.

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