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Thread: Free Labor Day Fun Run @ SML

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    We'll be going down. For any that don't want to do the run, your still welcome at the raft-up.
    All are welcome!!!

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    My buddy, Mike Snoots was there for the fun. He had the 26' Eliminator (white and red with yellow flames)
    He is not on the forums but wanted me to tell you thanks, and that he and his wife, Donna had a great time.
    He spends most of his time at Lake Anna.

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    ya I passed him when he was towing the boat one day on rt 29. We were headed to SML and at a stop light asked him where he was headed which was Lake Anna. It was good to see he made the trip for the fun run. I think I also saw him at the BOTE this past year at Anna.
    He's got a little something under the hatch there, runs pretty damn fast!

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