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Thread: Just ran 106.4 mph. 21 Liberator-300xs

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    I just delivered a new 21 Liberator to a State cop in Oklahoma. This is his first boat! I took it out to break it in for him with a new prop I wanted to try. It was a 32" four blade Drag Four by Performance Propellers. I ran the boat for an hour, then made 3 passes before putting it on the trailer to be delivered the next day. The slowest pass was 105.5. The best was 106.4 mph! This was on a 1.3 mile long lake that I test on. It was also 93 degrees and 100% humidity. [That's normal here in Fl.] It was at 6050 rpm. I really think it could run close to 110 in the winter. These new motors are faster than the 300X's on the Liberators. Here's some pics.

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    His first boat? Wow, that sounds scary...........

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    nice first boat ....glad i'm far from oklahoma

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    Congrats Wildman that thing looks good!!!

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    War Canoe
    I just ran my 19 Cougar with a 300xs 107 with a 32 ...It will go 3-5 mph faster after dial in... The 300xs is a great motor..I couldn't be happier. Fuel mileage and screaming performance with minimal noise.

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    Welcome to the jungle Scotty
    Glad to here your little scare on the water yesterday turned out ok
    we were talking about you over at S&F

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    good looking boat Randy!

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    War Canoe
    Kevin K,
    Any photos from your friend come out ? I was having such a good time I didn't want to leave...but taking on water is a little un nerving !

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    War Canoe
    You mentioned in a previous post your red line is 6400....Mercury is saying 6100...My friend, Bullhead Bully has 300xs twins and he gets 6100. Did you mod something to go 6400? My 300xs goes 6100 as well....

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