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Thread: Boat prices $$$

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    Curious to know how much of a price mark off to be paying for a boat right now, used of course. Example Private party asking 80k you'd offer initial price off ???

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    need more details.. there are alot of factors involved in making a deal on a used boat. right now it is a buyers market so there are plenty to choose from.

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    I'm looking for numbers $$$ haha

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    Devil's Advocate
    I'm looking for numbers $$$ haha
    You thinking of buying our rig?:idea:

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    :idea: Got my eye on you czarmarz73.....

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    You have a very nice boat, but my understanding was there was a very good offer or someone very intrested i'm not sure. Never the less from what i've seen most of the boat of my preference are about that price range plus i'm not in a real hurry. Everyone is saying it's a buyers market just wanted to get input of how much mark off people would be offering and also what people would accept to. It's rediculious for people to be offer 50k for a 80k boat hmmmm or is it lol

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    Where do you mainly boat?

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    Trailer Park Casanova
    It's a very soft boat market.
    We just sold our used boat for about 12% under low book. Like most used boat sellers, we wanted it gone yesterday.
    We just bought a new boat that we ordered loaded with every option for about 30% off the MSRP.
    I'd offer under low book for any used boat right now.
    It's a buyers market.

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    beach gomer
    It's only a buyers market if they have to get out of there boat.I've had mine up for sale for a while with hardly any calls, but i'm not desperate to sell it either.

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