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Thread: Spun Main Bearings?

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    What causes a spun main bearing. Had them replaced two years ago. I have a 509 ci with a Vortech, intercooled. 10qt Hardin Marine oil pan and a high flow oil pump. I had good oil pressure. I was cruisin at 4800ish rpm. Its a steel crank. Any advice? I am getting sick of fixing shit

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    If clearances are too tight you can burn up the bearings.
    Not saying this is your problem just something to look into.

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    oil on the backside during install can cause this...thats just one thing...

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    Initial tolerances/clearances could have been off...these need to be checked or verified during the build up. Also, using a standard bearing instead of a performance bearing can lead to this. Performance brgs, even with the same clearance, are designed different to prevent this from happening in higher hp applications.

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    or a junk oil pan

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    Thanks guys

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    What was your oil temp when this happened ?

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    whoever rebuilt it last time, shouldn't do it the next time.

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    Crap in the oil cooler?????????

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    whoever rebuilt it last time, shouldn't do it the next time.
    I have already decided this...

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