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Thread: Engine life on Merc 525 EFI & 600 SCI??

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    The 100 hr. interval is dictated strictly by oil analysis. I don't like to cut it really close but 100 hrs. gives a really good clean analysis. It's really the best way to know the health and longevity of an engine that gets beat pretty hard.
    How do you do an oil analasys? What does that cost?[/QUOTE]
    NAPA has a kit, you mail it in with $20 and get a full report back. Also google oil analysis for other companys.

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    I know a guy that had a 28 Magic cat bought in 2001 with a 500EFI in it.
    He put over 800 hours on it without a problem, took the engine out and sold
    it to another guy with a 30 Eliminator Eagle. Still in the boat and that boat
    has 2 1/2 seasons on it too. I also know several guys with 400 plus hours
    on their 525's without problems. I know a guy with a whippled HP500EFI with
    over 500 hours on it with no problems.
    I believe that it has to do with how you maintain it and how you drive it.
    Keith Sayre
    Is there a trend that you've seen that these engines follow? Synthetic oil, or regular maintnance following the Merc schedule, etc.? You say "how they drive it". Not running at max RPM, running at no more than 80% of max, no skiers, etc.?

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    Keith E. Sayre
    I'm just guessing about this part, but I'm convinced that max rpm and banging
    the rev limiter for more than just a few seconds has to be bad. As for oil,
    No I've seen no pattern other than those that change it often seem to be
    much better than those that don't. pretty simple.
    Keith Sayre

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    It's Only Money
    I was talking to a Mercury Racing rep at the boat show and he said that BOTH the 525 and the 600 should have periodic leak-down testing done beginning at 200 hrs. and inspection of the valve springs after 250 hrs.

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