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Thread: Anyone do stereo work out in havasu?

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    Wheres JORDY????????
    must be on vacation....cuz we know he is not working!
    Actually, I wish that was the case, but not so much.

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    HOLY COW, Look what I Started! Sorry guys I actually forgot to check this post after I made it a while back... Wow...
    Talking $hit to the people whos opinion I really value is definitely not going to earn my biz.... Complete moron is about the only thing that comes to mind after reading that post.....
    I will most likely wait till im there every other week when it heats up to make any mods now, but thanks for the opinions - I will be going to Car Toyz...
    I know a lot of great shops in so cal and one I thought was an amazing one which is now closed (moved to somewhere in az). I spent a probally 2500-3k doing a setup on the last boat and I ended up replacing everything on it aside from the subs which were great.
    The shop having a good rep & being local is awsome, if I have an issue most SMART business owners have their customer service @ the top of their lists since refferal's are how they can easily increase their sales. I would be comfortable knowing I can pull the boat out of the water and go do a little bitching if something doesnt work & it will probally be fixed, rather then lugging it back and fourth to Ca which could be done but im just too lazy hehe.
    Thanks for all the input and sorry for starting this thread haha.

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    The threads get locked when the tech stops and the name-calling starts. Take it to the Bench Racers.
    Anyone who wants to keep it up is subject to a vacation.
    So why was this thread allowed to progress past the point where Team Jackass came in calling Car Toyz hacks?

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    Havasu Hangin'
    So why was this thread allowed to progress past the point where Team Jackass came in calling Car Toyz hacks?
    Because I missed it?

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