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Thread: Hallet Boats History ???

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    Does any one have some info on the history of Hallet jets ? Reputation anything I can sink my teeth into. How many were made ? etc.... I've only seen one other in person and that was rolling up I-5 North, It was blue. The other two I saw was an email poto ( Nice boat ) and a pic of a beater on ebay . Some one has to have the 411. smile_sp
    Thanks, Craig M.L.

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    Wet Dream
    Welcome to the boards.
    I was looking for info on mine too last year, and there was a guy that used to work for them at the time when my boat was built in '76. He may have even built it. I actually have the original pamphlets for the boat.
    Does your's look liek this model? The gel is original, but the everything has been redone.
    [ August 07, 2003, 09:35 PM: Message edited by: Wet Dream ]

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    That would be a nice boat for this weekend's event wink

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    Wet Dream
    That would be a nice boat for this weekend's event wink Yeah thanks bro. I wish we could be there, but the miles between here and there are long ones. Drink a cold one for me. wink

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    SoCal Power
    In 1976 I worked for a Hallett dealer by the name of American Marine in Anaheim. I believe your boat, or a duplicate, was sold through there. Can't remember how many Halletts were sold through American but they were all jets and v-drives. I was 17 at the time and thought the silver flake and yellow looked cool, still does.
    I heard awhile back that Hallett bought SKV in the mid 70s to reduce the competition in the day- cruiser market. Does anyone know if that is true?
    I have an SKV and am just curious.

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    jawdrop Nice boat,( I'm going to have to get a digital camer). Same body and seat layout But diferent color. This one is orange w/brown metalic trim all orig...I think . Whats your power plant ? mine is 455 thats mow a complete redo . I have all the olds hardware offy tunnel , Sanderson headers Jgw/place diverter. I was thinking of going Chevy but don't Know the cost . Right now I"m looking at the cheapest for performance winter project. How does you run ?
    Craig M. L.

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    Wet Dream
    Hey SoCal, wouldn't that be something if you had seen this boat brand new, and now its out here on the east coast. I don't know if there is a paper trail on this boat or not. From what I understand, boats weren't titled back then like cars are. Pennsylvania didn't start titling boats until the late 80's I believe.

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    I have a Hallet v-drive. When did you see the blue one. I was it Stockton in Feb.

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    Wet Dream
    I'm running a 455 in mine too. The old engine was built up, and would spin 5300 rpm, but grenaded on me. Same pump, mild engine, turns 4800rpm, gps 55. I won't make excuses, but I believe the pump is pretty shot. I'm hoping for 62 or better when the pump is done this winter. All in all, I LOVE the boat. Holds up well, is very heavy, but I use the crap out if it and doesn't need to be babied. Engine, stock bore/ stroke, G heads, jet cam, Edelbrock Torker manifold, HEI, Holley 750 vac sec, Bassets, and the important stuff includes a 9 qt pan and an oil cooler. No restrictors or return lines and I can lay into it all day. Pump has an A impeller.

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    Hey Wet Dream,
    You have the original owners manuel or brochure ? WOW !!!!! I'd Love toget a look at that. Does It state all the options and color combos ? What size is yours mine is registered as a that Right ?
    Thanks , Craig M. L. smile_sp

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