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Thread: Hallet Boats History ???

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    HEY GUYS !!!!! I thought we were looking for Hallet jets ??? Nice boats though, very nice. Thanks for all the input . smile_sp
    That 76 hull is a bit heavy from what's been said ,and with that olds motor in it I'll be very lucky to see 65mph let alone 70mph .
    Keep the info,s a great read.
    Happy Jetting To All.
    Craig M.L. wink
    [ August 14, 2003, 01:59 PM: Message edited by: Halletosis76 ]

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    Jeffery Fry
    LOL well, since Hallet bought the molds from Gene and then Hallet chopped them up, Do too the aquisistion, A SKV falls under the Hallet Arm.

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    skv 1975

    I have a skv I need some wiring help

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