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Thread: New System in my truck questions

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    I just bought a 1971 Blazer that I am finishing up.
    I brought it to a car audio place and asked what their recommendation for a system.
    Here is what they recommended:
    Head Unit - Pioneer DEHP6900UB
    Amp - Audison LRX5.1K
    Front Speakers - Hertz MLK165
    Rear Speakers- Hertz HCX165
    Subs- 2-10" Image Dynamics IDQ10
    Audio Line Driver - Audio Control Matrix
    Pre-Amp Level Controller - Peripheral PRC1
    I know that this would be an incredible system, but I don't want to spend close to $4,000 on the components.
    I have read reviews on the Pioneer head unit and I want to stay with it.
    Can anyone propose another less expensive direction and still get decent sound quality in the Blazer?
    I am willing to spend $1500 -2,000 on the components.
    I also have a set of new JL Audio TR525-CX (5.25") speakers that I never used in my boat.
    Any help appreciated.

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    Kim Hanson
    I have a 89 Bronco about the same size and they make good boom box's.............( . )( . )............This is my winter truck !
    I have last years Pioneer model head unit.
    2 -100 watt pile tweeters.
    4 -320 watt sony 6x9's
    3 -12" Pioneer IMPP subs
    1 4000 watt Pile mono class D amp.
    I can shake the snow off the truck...fock sweeping ! 150 dcb's strong ! :jawdrop:
    I also run 2 yellow top Optimas, you will need them.

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    Those are all excellent componets they're recommending. I might be able to save you some money and still get you some quality componets.
    My brother in law owns a shop down here in So Cal called the Audio Shoppe. He sells all of the componets you listed and some lower priced (but still high quality) componets too. Let him know your budget and I'm sure he can hook you up with something.
    Give him a call if you like. My brother in laws name is Alan. Talk to him only and tell him Jimmy told you to call.
    Audio Shoppe
    6760 Central Ave. #A
    Riverside, Ca. 92504

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