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Thread: Head Job (easy or difficult)

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    I had my boat at the shop. They said my compression is very low in all cylinders. They said the heads need to come off and have them sent to a machinest for I beleive a valve job. Is taking the heads off and putting them back on myself easy or difficult. I am some what mechanical. It is a chevy 350 carbureted motor inside an Eliminator I/O. Thanks for any responses.

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    piece of cake. just make sure you torque them back down in the correct sequence when you re-install them.

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    if you have a manual, and you are well organised, you should do fine. ohh you will also need space. Do you have tools. not just your basics!!! you know sometimes it just easier to pay someone to do it. main reason, the problems that can arise!!! its an easy job that can become a pain in the ass in the blink of an eye. the one thing you want to rember is to be and stay as clean as possible, your tools also. good luck!!!

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    you know your the reason people hate mechanics! you have no idea what anyone knows you just think which is your prob cause you have no clue!

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    Head Job easy or difficult

    Is it easy to find a good job in Vietnam within a week or two after arrival? If you are working there now, or have in the past, how did you find your job? Did you find it easily? Also which city is better I wonder, Saigon or Hanoi? Never been there so just curious. Thanks.

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