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Thread: dual fuel tank sender wiring diagram/ help

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    My buddy and i are having trouble tracing down trouble with the fuel systems wiring.. We know the gauge works but unsure if the senders are any good. we traced back all wires and found some that have been cut and just dont make any sense. Is there a way to test the sending unit while in the tank or must it be removed... And does anyone have a simple giagram of how to run wiring for dual tanks to a single gauge... For some reason one tank feeds faster than the other so a switch needs to be wired in to check level of both tanks..
    A switch has been pre wired into the boat from past owner but from the looks of it, its never worked..
    Here is a diagram of what we have. We weeded out alot of useless crap and came up with this. We can switch between senders, but even with the tanks 1/4 full we always get a full reading on the gauge for both tanks and an empty reading in the neutral position. My guess is im switching over a full 12v to the gauge which is giving me this outcome.. Do you see somethin wrong? I dont really see both senders being bad... or maybe??

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    try this. it looks like your wiring is way off. this should do it for you...

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    dual fuel tank sender wiring diagram/ help

    I suppose this motor do not have a fuel pump? If a full tank will not provide flow enough, maybe it is possible to temporary get a outboard priming bulb into the fuel line?

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