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Thread: impeller change

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    A friend of mine changed his impeller after 2 years (496 ho) and when he started it up he had no water pressure. Turns out he needed to replace his pump housing. I guess some sand worked a nice groove in the housing and he could not make a seal so he needed to replace the housing ($400). Is this
    a common problem? I will be replacing my impeller after this season (2 year old 496 mag) and hope i don't have to replace more then just the impeller.
    Thanks Johnny

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    you need to check out the rebuild kit that R&R products makes you can see it on there web site or call them 928-453-6411 with this kit you dont need to replace the pump. you can also see their new ad in the august issue also in the ramp side section of
    the mag

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    impeller change

    Thanks for the info and sorry about the late reply.

    I think that the problem was some spots I had were washing out the colour, when i removed them the purple showed up.

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