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Thread: rubber exhaust flappers?

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    Mike K
    I have a 496 with CMI's and "new" Gatlin exhaust tips. I had Gibson bullets before with the rubber flappers on the ends. The new Gatlins look cooler without the rubber exhaust flaps. The boat is a Eliminator Eagle. My question is ... do I need the rubber exhaust flaps? I hardly see anyone with them? Thank you.

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    I have the rubber flappers on mine. Do you need them? That is a question for you. How comfortable are you about not getting a wave/wake slamming the back of your boat at idle and shoving water into your motor when it isn't running? When the motor is off there is nothing keeping a blast of water from going right into your valves. For me, it is just added insurance to water reversion. I have too much money rapped up in my motor to take a chance. Just my .02.

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    Mike K
    trip! I didn't even think about when the engine was off. I will put them on ..I haven't used the boat yet. Thanks

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    but if you have internal flappers do you still need the rubber ones?

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