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    I need to update my stereo in my boat. I want to be able to plug my ipod into it which I can't do with my current stereo (Kenwood). I have a very basic set up now 6 speakers and an amp. What brand should I get and more importantly where should I have it installed? I live in the San Dimas, Covina, and Glendora areas. Any and all information would be great.

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    Jamie at Al and Ed's always hooks it up good. Marks autosound in Irwindale for high end stuff.

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    I personally think that boats are not accoustic, so what ever you put in them will sound pretty much the same to us novice people.
    My boat has all sony stuff and with the exception of a huge audiobahn amp that powers the 4 12" JL subs in the cabin.
    I have 8 6.9 sony explodes with two Sony 600W amps $125ea. , and the new Sony MPX150 (which has a hookup for your ipod in the back, so you ipod is protected from the elements, the radio becomes your ipod. Plus it is a marine unit,
    ibelieve head unit, plus the remote control unit that goes with it $125, the head unit was $175.
    You can get all this stuff on line delivered in a few days from
    Very pleased, you cant beat the prices, and hey at those prices you can get a good nights sleep when you leave the boat in the water over night in havasu.
    just .02
    In my opinion only, the 6.9's sound better when you are spending time outside your boat, which is where we spend much of our time listening to the tunes.

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    Thank you both for your .02 Any one else...can you help me out?????????

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