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    Okay I just picked up my first jet boat its a 1979 21' tahiti day cruiser... my question is
    1. If I want to pick up another 460 Motor can I use one out of a pickup?? is there any diffrence between a marine 460 etc???

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    460 questions

    This here is, instead of making a new topic, the place to put your simple questions that can be and most likely already have been in the 5000 posts in this topic answered with a sentence or two. Please

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    460 questions

    We have noticed a lot of posts here which are actually tech questions rather than tricks & tips. This forum was set up to collect those gems of knowledge without losing them in the huge Tech thread.

    Weve moved a few - if you see any more, please use the "Report Post" button and we will put them in the Tech section where they will undoubtedly attract more attention and answers

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