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    98 Vector 21
    Speed of Sound in Lake Havasu just finished a sub/amp upgrade in my Cobra, Wow!!!!This thing pounds! The work was completed as promised (in his 53ft garage) on time. I now know why he is a 6 Time SPL World Champ & 13 Time World Record holder. Micheal better known as SPL2K has raised the bar in mobile audio in Havasu!
    You can check out the install here:

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    Looks sweet i bet that thing pounds!!!!!!!!!

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    I got a chance to hang out with Mike over the 4th of july weekend. He's a great guy w/ alot of talent. I'm glad to see him here on the west coast. Once the notoriety picks up, he's going to be really busy.

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    BTW...check out the link again...he's doing my cousin's 28' Bullet.

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