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Thread: stoker or cougar?

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    eliminator dude
    hey guys im in the market for a new lake rocket im looking at either a 20sst from stoker or a 21 mtr from cougar. any imput on these two hulls rigged with a 300x merc? like some feedback from owners of both hulls..thanks

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    cobalt 222
    how about a liberator 21 ft hull and i have one for sale with a big block chevy and a bravo.ran 104 with a 509

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    No contest -- go for the Stoker -- for an all-around Mod VP style boat you can't beat it. Tons of straightaway speed and the best turning Mod VP ever. Just check the win record. And, if you buy a new Stoker, you'll also have the support of Alan Stoker to give you tips on how to best set it up.

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    No contest -- go for the Stoker -- for an all-around Mod VP style boat you can't beat it. Tons of straightaway speed and the best turning Mod VP ever. Just check the win record. And, if you buy a new Stoker, you'll also have the support of Alan Stoker to give you tips on how to best set it up.
    Even if you buy used he will work with you. The only thing is he does not like to put anything larger than a 2.5 on the 20 sst. The 3 ltr and 3.2 ltr are too heavy for the hull. I bought mine a few years ago and love it. Its the only boat Ive owned that I can run the delta pinned. I have a 200 merc on mine would like to put a 280 that would be nice. Should see close to or right about 100.

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    Tunnel Vision
    I have a Prestine DCB Mach 22 with twin 2.5 Drags on it that will do what you want it to and then some.

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    eliminator dude,
    If you can find a Cougar 21 MTR in good shape, (most of them are), with a Mercury 300X, then I would say to go for it.
    You won't find a better made boat, and you won't find a more comfortable and/or more stable ride.
    I drive a Cougar 21 MTR with a Mercury 300 Pro Max, and I wouldn't trade it for anything that I know that's out there.
    Just be prepared to answer lots of questions when you park it somewhere, because it is truly a "head turner".
    Send me a message if you would like more info.
    Sincerely, Cougarboatdrvr.

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    I agree with Cougar. I would go for a 22mtr though if you can find one some one wants to part with. They have way more free board when the lakes get choppy from other boats and weather. not that the 21MTR doesnt handle rough water because thats what they were made for. I toured the factory several times when they were down from me in Sicamous B.C. There building process was increatable. Very Very Low perduction hulls!! I think one hull took 2 months to make at least? The quality of there hulls by Hot Boat editors and testers all states to the awsome workmanship thats second to none! The 21 has the stringers epoxied and showing truly artfull in apearence. The 22mtr has a flat floor witch I like better. Hears a pic of a 22mtr I took last week on woods lake in Winfield B.C. I talked to the guy for a while at dinner an hes selling her for a 27. This one has a stock 496 and does 95 at least he said with a 28. bravo. He hasnt tried any other props thinks there may be more? I personaly think the Cougar is far more boat than the Stoker, though I like Stokers also. Almost bought one untill i took a ride in my Allison Grand Sport and fell in lust with her!! A Cougar is fast and effitiant and ya can hang a 3.0LT 300 off the back and fly! Theres a sweet 22mtr for sale on the s&F board called {Indangered Spicies} I would loose the name on the side of the hull!!! If you look at the Boat emagining the name off this is one sweet boat!!!! It has a new 300 Yami with all the goodies like low water pickups ect.. Hears some pics of the 496 22 and the 22 outboard hulls. Later James

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    One thing that I forgot to mention about my boat, that your post reminded me of, is that I when I had my boat built in Salmon Arms, British Columbia, I requested that Cougar build it with a flat floor in between the stringers, and it turned out really nice. I am like you, in that I prefer to have the flat floor.
    It took about a year between the time I first ordered the boat, and the time of completion. As I said in the earlier post, it is well built.

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    Cool never seen that before good idea! I do like the look of the stringers. The fir and thickness of the clear is artsy looking kinda. Oh ya Salmon Arm! Same thing.LOL Were I am a 21 would be the cats arse but in larger bodys of water down south the 22 would be nice to have because of all the wake board boats these days. I still have the artical triple tunnel terror were ***boat tested the big black three engines on the 21mtr!! The 300 on the 21 was a 100mph boat!! Thats wicked. I like the rumble of the big blocks but you cant beat the efficiantcy of an outboard! I like the stoker but when compared to a cougar its realy an apples and oranges comparison to me anyway. The 21 Cougar is realy in a class buy them self. If comparing 22 fters then the 22mtr and Mach22 would be more fair. Theres not to many 21 tunnels other than the STV but again differant anamial! The 21Stoker with there tunnel design I guess would also be in a class by them self because you cant compare with Vees being a mod Tunnel design.Tunnels are hard to beat for fuel econamy and speed in moderatly rough water. I think between the two, Stoker and Cougar in a 21 it boils down to what style catches your eye more. I think with a 300 they are about the same speed wise? Im not exactly sure what the Stoker run i dont remember but think it was raight around 100 also? I have glass were I live most boaters put there boats away in sept! I go till the ice is on in Nov. i could fly a tunnel on this water! Now this is sweet water!!!

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    eliminator dude
    thanks still undecided on what i want....its a coin toss at the moment. so i guess im stuck doing 80 in the eliminator for a little longer...(lol...oh bummer)

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