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    Anybody ever put a droop snoot on a Nordic bubbledeck? I've got an 18'6" Nordic Bubbledeck and I'm considering a droop snoot. I'm hoping for improved ride in rough water. Just searching for some feedback before shelling out the greenback!

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    Bahner tunnel
    I'm not to sure if a droop will help your ride(they make some hulls porpoise) much compared to installing a "Place Diverter". You can bring the nose up and smooth out the rough stuff a little better than without one. A droop gives you a little more lift thus increasing your top speed by decreasing the "wetted" surface of your hull.

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    Sorry, I should've clarified this but I have a diverter installed.

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    Bahner tunnel
    Just after I sent the reply I thought you might already have one, oops. A friend of mine has a pair of bolt on ride plates on either side of his bubble deck. With them slightly angled down it seemed to help the ride out although it hurt the top speed a little (more drag).

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