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Thread: 460 Ford TDC Help!!!! please..

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    OK, trying to get this thing started. I can find the point where piston 1 is up. How can I tell TDC and what compression (intake or exhaust) it's on by looking at the valves?????
    I'm in the garage I'll check back every few minutes.

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    if you take out the # 1 pluge out and turn it over you will here the air come out of the pluge hole when it comes up on the compression stroke then just trun the motor over untail the timeing mark (on the dampener) lines up with the 0 on your timeing mark

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    Yeah but is theres 2 strokes exhaust and intake if I mess up I'll be 180 deg's out.

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    Stick your finger over #1 plug hole bump starter over easy until the compression pops your finger off the hole, you are on the compression stroke.

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    you are right but it will only make the air come out of the pluge hole on the compression stroke just turn it over with the starter a few times you will here the compession rush out of the pluge hole when it comes up on the exhaust stroke the exhaust valve opens so the air gose out the headers and not the pluge hole

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