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Thread: Lake Pleasant 11/3?

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    Anyone plan on going out this coming Sunday? We're going to hit the drags at Firebird Lake Saturday and go boatin' ourselves the next day.

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    Hey nice to see someone else in the Phoenix area! Is that the boat drags at Firebird? I went last year for the first time and loved it. I would also love to get out to Pleasent on Sunday if I can get anyone to brave the cold with me.

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    roln 20s
    I have been meaning to ask you this before, but keep forgetting. On a post a while back (i think when people were talking about how easy or hard it was to steal an engine out of a boat) you mentioned that you pulled the engine with your friend who has a 27 Baja. Would that person happen to be Tony?
    Roln 20s

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    Powerquestboy, there's a bunch of us on this board from the valley. Yup, the drag races at Firebird. I know what you mean about "winter" boating After about Labor Day, my wife stays home, burrrrr, it's 70 degrees. Oh well, we haul a couple of boats out and then we have no "speed control" wink We burn some av-gas!!!
    roln 20s, WTF Yes it is Mr. Jackson, how do you know him? Small world.

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    roln 20s
    I thought that was who you were referring to. My dad works with him at Palo Verde! We have a ski boat but used to see Tony out there every single monday when he worked 4-10's. Maybe he still does, I just have no idea. I told my dad that I wanted a hot boat that would blow by everyone at pleasant (of course I would die for this since I can do about 45 in the Malibu when the lake is butter) and he always told me about Tony constantly blowing engine crap or getting stuff redone! I didn't hit pleasant too often this summer, but still never saw him out there. I told my dad that I thought there was a guy on the forums (you) that helped Tony keep pulling his motor and he just laughed. He wanted me to forward that thread so he could give it to Tony, but I forgot. Oh well, thats funny shit! Does his boat actually run good without too many problems now? The last time I talked to him at the lake (couple years ago) he said if he could get a new (to him, not brand new) boat, he would buy a 28 skater. Well tell him I think he should. By the way- my dads name is Steve Jones and my name is Patrick. Tell him I said hey!
    One of these days I'll see at Pleasant-
    Roln 20s

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    I think everybody on the west side of Phx. has helped Jackson yank a motor at one time or another eek! Its allways great entertainment wink
    There will be a bunch of us at the races on saturday and the lake on Sunday

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    Hey roln 20s,
    Yeah, I know who your Dad is, I work at the plant as well. Tony finally had Larry Peto build him a motor and it's been running fine ever since Tony's actually been looking at 32 Skaters with three clamp-ons Tony's been working M-F the last year on a project. Doesn't get out on Mondays much. Hopefully this spring he will. If you ever get over here hook up with us and we'll hit the lake. Donnies right, we've all been involved with Tonys motor(s)!!!! They always seem to go south when it's frickin'hot out here eek!

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    roln 20s
    Donnie- Do you work at the plant as well?
    What boat do you have?
    Craig- that is cool! what part of the plant do you work at? do you see my dad much? i always give him crap cuz when i call his secretary says "he's busy" but then i say its his son and all of a sudden he is right there. I don't think he ever works! Give him shit if you ever see him! Tell him that you heard through a little birdie in Cali that he needs to start working more.
    I am graduating college in December, so will be back home and look forward to getting out of the bay area of Cali. We'll definately hook up and hit up pleasant.
    Tell Tony I said good choice- and I expect to see this 32 Skater soon!
    Oh yeah, what boat do you have? I bet I have seen you at some point?
    Roln 20s

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    roln 20s, I know who your Dad is. Don't see him that much. When the units are up and running, I work in a group called Radioactive Material Control, basically a nuclear garbageman When we go into a refueling outage, like now, I switch over to Radiation Protection, basically a nuclear babysitter! We oversee and monitor all of the work on the radioative systems. Tonys boys about to graduate as well soon, (he hopes!) My boat is a 22' Advantage Sportcat, blown 509. There's a picture of it in my "profile" on this board.

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    No I don't work at the plant...way to much nuclear shit around there eek!
    Craig and Tony live within a mile of me,so we all boat,drink beer and watch Tony tear the motor out of his boat two or three times a year
    I have a 25 daytona with a 888hp blower motor in it.

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