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Thread: Shasta lake houseboating

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    Rock-it-man- Didn't you just sell a 90+mph v-hull? We're small potatoes with baby blowers on sbc. Would love to go for a ride in something that fast. I started number crunching when I saw your other boat for sale,but just put 55k down on new house in Nov. so couldn't swing it. I am bringing a grapple hook to snag your ski tow when you fly by! Should see 90+ then! LOL! See ya.

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    Duh-just read the rest of your previous post about the Nordic.

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    Rock-it man
    Yes I sold the Nordic Rage to a guy in Tacoma Wash,that boat (Nordic Rage) had run 98.6 at the shootout in sacramento and would run 90+ anywhere anytime Sounds like your going to have a fun group at shasta that week I think I will be there and will try to hook up, I love Shasta !!!! Im lurking a lot on the sacramento arm and under the I-5 bridge or down by the dam. E-mail me a pic of your boat I will watch for you as I will be easy to spot and HEAR!!!!!!!! my call sigh on the marine radio(16) is ROCK-IT MAN and the house boat is ( drifting dream) the guys at digger bay marina all know me and always know where i am. See ya on the lake ROCK-IT MAN

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    like spectratoad said late june a lot of us are going for week.maybe we will see ya rocket. should be a couple triple digits cats there.

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    Rock-it man
    More is always better,I can here it now 10 blown big blocks all making a run the length of the lake wow!!! what a sound!!!!!!,never run a cat over 100 yet will be getting a lot of seat time as I want to go to the ozarks ,have to run over 125 there to show the east coast boys what a couple of old hippies from Ore can do,I looked at the Carrera but no one I could find had pushed a boat to 130+ and Elim has ,did not want to do any expermenting with an unproven boat,I have 20+ years racing V hulls and Jets in the white water as I live on the ROGUE RIVER up here ,but this old body couldnt take the pounding anymore ,I dont think it will take a long time to get used to the Elim from what I here from other owners. I promise to be easy on the other Cats on Shasta HE-HE-HE------!!!!!!!!! really !!!!! well maybe a little easy,maybe just a small race up to get some TIGERS BLOOD at Silverthorn.Hope to at least have some compitition as its no fun always being in front. HE -HE-HE !!!!! I know all the Boat Cops there and there real great guys the only thing they really come down hard on is Drinking SEE YA on the water or maybe I should say SEE YA Behind Me. ROCK-IT MAN

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    Rock-it-man Shot ya a 5 for the mph on the Nordic!

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    We'll be there June 18-22nd. Boat is stored at friends so no pictures now,but it's a 20' Blue Water Monte Carlo open bow v-hull,white with red and black stripes inside and out.Bought new in 1992,selling it towards end of summer this year.

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    We looked at making a trip to Shasta a couple of years ago. What's the water level? That's the only draw back I could see. We've done the houseboat gig on Havasu,Powel and LOTO. You certainly have to makesure you know the folks real well! Maybe we'llmake a trip up there if it's still decent. Are there any good hotels on the lake if we didn't do the houseboat thing?
    PS, Rock It Man, from what I recall, didn't that Daytona have a one off set up with a transmision in the stand off box?

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    Rock-it man
    DAH !!!! I must be out of touch what ya mean I shot ya a 5. The speed was NO BULL recorded at the shootout by radar and 2 gps.Eric at HOT BOAT was there and interviewed me he said there will be mention of it soon in the mag ,will be good for Paul the new owner in Tacoma. May be I should keep my mouth shut,dont want to scare away anybody from shasta,Have never lost a race yet except when I break which used to be a lot but should be good now with the new imco sc drive , and now that I have a cat I can even run with them though I used to beat most of the cats with the old nordic. There are some pretty fast cats over at Shasta Marina I know of a new DCB with egg beaters on it that may be there too. GO FAST ROCK-IT MAN

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    When is the Sac. shoot out? I gave you a 5 on your member rating which took you to 3,must be someone you beat taking the score down!LOL

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