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Thread: another ramp mishap

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    Any boat that floats is better than the one I have right now!!!!!

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    F*cking Brillant, I tell you!!!! Sometimes you gotta wonder aftershock is now making carrera what a waste of a great name!!! By the way The ad in the boattrader: 29' carrera cat for $59,995, what's it held together by super glue? Not all of us can afford eliminators, nordics, or hallets. I am happy with my boat, as a first time new boat owner, I feel I got a good deal and a good boat. Alex & Paul are doing a great job over there, always willing to chit chat w/me even though they already have my $. I'll take customer service over a top name boat anytime. RIVERNUTS you being a store owner should know, the price advertised is just to get customers in the door. yeah, i have to second that. they did a kickass job on my boat and i was there signing a purchasing agreement the day that happend out at peris. Aftershock offered to replace the entire boat-no charge. a week later i seen the boat out at peris again prop testing and there wasn't any damage that i could tell(i looked)and the owners seemed happy.Dennis of carrera is still around and is another guy i wouldn't have a problem doing business with at all. He even gave me a ride in the new 29 cat(and i'm not a potential customer -no money) three weeks ago at(***boat mag. test) havasu. I bought an aftershock cuase i got a killer deal on a nice ride and didn't have to deal with the arogance and the bullshit i found at other companies- Period.

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    Any boat that floats is better than the one I have right now!!!!! why no boat, did I miss the story?

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    Any boat that floats is better than the one I have right now!!!!! why no boat, did I miss the story? Hopefully gonna sign the dotted line on are first house this weekend . We sold our scarab in july and were in the process of buying a 26-28 foot cat about two months ago(la show) and decided to go with the 28 daytona and then charley hooked me up with dave at dcb and we were going to switch to the f26 (great boat). A day before we planned to go put a deposit on it we saw a sign for some new homes that were going to be built in our neck of the woods and everything kind of switched to that! cry But I know a home is a much better investment right now and I finally got my wife into the home buying mood, so thats the story!! Maybe we can hitch a ride on your aftershock

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    you can come aboard anytime. yeah buying a house is a good thing, just make sure it has boat parking Letting go of the boat was probably hard. but once the new house gets out of the way, Im sure the next thing on the list will be the new boat.

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    Anyone see the Aftershock on the cover of the new TRUCKI' Magazine media whores i say, more power to 'em.
    Rick you wanna go boatin just let me know i need to get out. See ya MVG

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    OOOPS TRUCKIN' Magazine

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    no way what boat is on there? I bet their violater.

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    Yes we do ...
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