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Thread: How rich....?

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    How rich is "rich" to you guys?
    At what net worth would you think one is "rich"?
    $1 million? $5 million?
    How much do you need to have saved up before you feel you could retire????
    I'm sure there are some millionaires on this you feel "rich"?

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    Rich to me would be...about...100 million.

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    CA Stu
    I don't know how rich "rich" is, but I know if you have to jack off to feed the cat, you're poor.
    CA Stu

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    who is this "Rich" guy. Rich who? and why should i give one rats ass.....oh, nevermind.

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    Hmmm, theres rich and then theres "Oprah Money"...I guess a Mill in the bank would be nice. I've got more in the bank than most I know...But I sure don't feel rich...just ok.

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    I dont think of "rich" as a monitary thing. If I am happy in life, can support my family, and have enough left over to play a little... THEN to me that is "RICH".
    but about $5mil invested properly should be enough to just play the rest of my life and never have to work again... at least not work for a pay check.

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    River Ric
    Hey, you hit that one out of the park! My wife and I do fine. We measure our success by the down time we can get at the river with kids. Who wants to retire any way. You gotta do something. Besides, if you got to be on the river all the time it would end up being just like work. Not being able to go all the time is what it makes special. I've got an Uncle that worth $$$$$. He says it's not how much you have, but what you do with it. We should try to measure happy!!! not $$$. Too much money, you just get spoiled brat kids. We have a couple of friends like that. My dad has retired 3 times. he is only 67. He dosen't golf or any thing lame. He loves the river, like father like son!!! He just loves to something that seems productive. He always made plenty of money but never considered himself rich. My best friend is starting another company, like he needs the money. 43 years old and worth around $20 Million. He just has to work. With him it has never been about the money. Read Donald Trumps "The Art of The Deal" talks about the "Juice" not the $$$. Anyway, just my 2 sense.
    " Remember, the River is not just a Place, it is a State of Mind"

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    Someone who does not have to look at price tags, yet still looks for the bargain...That's rich And that's how they stay rich
    [ March 28, 2003, 04:58 PM: Message edited by: MJ19 ]

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    Here is my question, lets take the rapper eminem for example. I heard he made something like 24 million last year. 1/2 to taxes right? Ok that leaves 12 million in his acct. I know all that the bling bling, cars, houses, gear, toys, what ever cost's more then 12million. How does he do it then? My take is he has to do it on credit, just like most of us. So does he live pay check to pay check then?
    oh yeah a mill in the bank would make me happy, but I could blow that in a few hours. 1 boat, 1 rig to tow the boat, & 1/2 A house on the lake.

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    I heard he made something like 24 million last year. 1/2 to taxes right? Ok that leaves 12 million in his acct. Doesn't a percentage of that go to his agent as well?
    Some people are savers and some will spend what they have regardless of what they make.

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