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Thread: A vote for Cruz is a vote for.....

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    ... the end of the end!!!! burningm
    Go Arnold

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    MECHA! or LA RAZA!

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    amen to that brotha!

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    ...the beggining of a new official state language. SPANGLISH....this way all those illegas with drivers licenses could understand what our law enforcement officers saying? just a thought

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    Che' G. wink
    Seriously, it would be a vote to let Jackie Goldberg and a handfull of the farthest left leaning polititions in this nations history keep running this state.
    It would also be a vote twards letting the Bluewater folks destroy our hobby.
    [ October 03, 2003, 01:35 PM: Message edited by: eliminatedsprinter ]

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    Mexifornia that's for sure. I still don't get how this idiot gets away with saying nigger in front of a bunch of black people and wasn't ask to resign from his political career. Also pandering to the indian casinos and taking there money illegaly and still not a big deal in the media. The media can't stop talking shit on Arnold for the "fondling of women" when he was younger and also his admiring of Hitler. Such a double standard those ****ing liberals have. Bye Bye Davis, hello Arnold

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    I believe Cruz said "Nigga"(a word of acceptance within the African American community) not "Nigger" which is a slang word designed to put one down.
    Is Huffington hypocritical now that she supports no on the recall? What is this all about. In 3 days to go from Cruz and Davis bashing to no on the recall?
    Maybe it's just me

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    Dave C
    I am voting for Arnold but I am hedging my bet by learning spanglish. So I can speak the language when they take over.
    BTW I think Huffington always opposed the recall.

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    She sort of opposed the recall, but for a while she was very criticle of Davis and Busti and was making a lot of pro recall sounding noise....

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