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Thread: Need PWC Help (Yamaha)

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    H E L P !!!!!1
    My bud has a 1996 Yamaha Waveblaster, 700 cc(?)
    The exhaust manifold cracked. so he had to replace it, but dingus did not mark the locations for all the hoses and now does not know where they go...
    Does anyone have one of these? He needs a pic of the engine compartment showing where the hoses connect. The manual does not show enough details.
    This thing is squirrely as hell to ride. We call it El Diablo. It is bright red and if you go slow it will dump you. Of course that's the one he loans out to friends... devil Its funny to watch these cocky ****ers get dunked in that cold Avi water...
    Anyway any help would be appreciated. Was there a site for PWC riders you could direct me to perhaps....

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    In the back of the yamaha there are a couple of air inlets. If you disconnect the hoses from these inlets and back it into the water push it off the trailer it will solve all his problems. Works for any make of PWC. We should all assist them with this modification.

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    Ummm. Yeeah. frown

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    PM Beached01...

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    I dunno what a stock exhaust looks like but here is my old Blaster!

    They are killer for wave jumping

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    Awesome. Thanks. I will send it to him. Do yo think that is enough info for him to understand??

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    (Stock motor?? what's that??)There is 1 water line that comes from the pump inside the bottom of the engine compartment that enters the engine cylinder. The water exits the motor from the head. On mine I had a direct exit out the hull and another exit that was split that went to the hull and to the exhaust manifold. I then had the exhaust manifold water bypass a bit also exiting the hull. (less water clogging the exhaust)
    Bottom line is water travels from the pump inlet to the motor to the exhaust manifold to the water box to the exhaust outlet.
    Hope this helps.

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    I'm an assembler at the local Honda/Yamaha shop here in town, if he still needs help let me know and I will make copies of the assem. book and send them over.

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    I dunno what a stock exhaust looks like but here is my old Blaster!

    They are killer for wave jumping
    NICE FUEL INJECTION! I had the same set up on one of mine....kinda a pain allways resetting the pop-off pressure for different places though. I would really like to get a clean 95 or 96 blaster again for Oceanside jumping. does anyone have a drive shaft and coupler for a blaster?(buddy needs one)

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    I used to have one of those and loved it. Underpowered but truly a blast. Took it one time to Oceanside and it was a great day!
    Got stranded one day in the mouth of the harbor at Long Beach and the sun was going down - thought I'd be out there overnight but finally got a boater to tow me in (shouldn't have ridden by myself).
    Getting up on that thing was tough for me - I'm a big guy - but once on there was then and still is no other water toy like it.
    not mine but just like it
    What a blast

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