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Thread: 1992 STV for sale

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    and more

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    For the age, that boat is VERY clean. The cracks in the deck are common on that model. Those are quite minimal compared to what I had in my '92. Must have been babied.

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    I speak from experience and I can honestly say this is a bad ass boat. Who ever picks it up will be very happy. Just my .02

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    Sorry it took so long, the check is in the mail today.

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    Thx Boatmaster I got the check. I will get a hold of you as soon as I get the motor off. Thx John

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    Was on the water today with the customer that I built the 2.5 for, can't wait to get it rigged for him. Happy New Year and call me when your ready.

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    How much for the OB? Do you still have it?

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    I am asking $3000 obo. It has a cle with 5hrs on it with low water pick up it has solid mounts boyesson reeds 31cc heads L&S plate adapter and tuner and relieved exhaust.The motor has 50hrs on it and the compression is 145psi.It also has six steel sleeves. I also have a crate to ship it in.Thx John

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