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Thread: 1992 STV for sale

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    STVBoy any word on when the motor will be off. Just trying to plan out my week, thanks.

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    BOATMASTER....Wifey and I might be driving up your way in a few weeks, should I bring you a MACH22? did you sell it yet?

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    Hey Drew I am hoping the motor will be off tomorrow and meet up Thurs possibly or Fri. I will call and let you know what day will work better for me and see what will work for you.Thx john

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    Thursday would work best for me, Friday I am in the shop by myself so I would not be able to break away. See what you can do but I can wait until next week if need be.

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    LLANOS Racing Team
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    Sorry I know it's a really old thread... but do you still own the boat??...I'm really interested!

    I currently race in a STV Pro Comp 87, I'm 2011 River National Champion of Mexico and 3rd Place in the Enduro Championship.
    I've liked you to our Facebook Fan page, so you can see some videos of the Racing down here in Mexico.

    I want to upgrade my STV to a newer version. I'm certain to make it a champion here. I race in the 2 Liter category.

    Want to know your last price, and if you can send me more pictures of it, also wanted to ask you if it ahs gone into a blownover or a barrel roll? how's the hull??
    send me a PM or to

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