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Thread: Any Vasectomy Stories?

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    Trailer Park Casanova
    It's time to get cut.
    I've heard theirs a bandaid type, a cottorization type, the full rebuild type, the clamp, the valve, the snip,,, several types.
    Well, if you've had one,, how'd it go?
    Did I even spell it right??

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    NorCal Gameshow
    Don't make the app. right before lunch...
    Don't let him start cutting before the meds kick in...
    tell the doc it's not a race. if he takes his time you'll be fine,maybe ...

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    Havasu Hangin'
    It's not fun when the hottie-nurse sprays ice-cold antiseptic on yer junk just prior to getting started.

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    Make sure the air conditioning is not working to good in the room. The room I was in was freezing, and you know what happens. The laughter from the nurses still gives me nightmares...:frown:

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    25 Eagle
    I let my wife shave me. Docs nurse was a male.

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    When I went in for my check up, the coat hangers on the roof
    and the dirty utensils on the counter made me change my mind.
    Have to find another doc.

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    Went great, everything works just like before.
    When I had mine done you were put into a ward for about an hour afterward just to make sure things were OK, everyone in there as an in-patient knew why I was there and I got a lot of "you poor bastard, I bet that hurt" looks.
    Best thing was when I left the anesthetic was still going strong so I threw on my clothes and sauntered out of there with a smile, a see ya wave and a big old strut out the door.
    Worst thing about it was the fact there was some guy fiddling with the goods...

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    Funny Story, maybe not.
    My neighbor across the street was a military person. So, when he had his first one done by a Army Doctor his wife got pregnant the following year? Tested and sure enough the procedure failed, so on his second time was done my the Navy Dr. Can you believe had another baby girl. It was the laugh of the neighborhood. he now has three girls and went to a civilian doctor.

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    Mr Vee had his done about 7 1/2 years ago.. the night we got home a friend of ours came over and asked for some help buying a wave runner.. the saleman was giving him a bad time.. so he popped a few vicadins and off we went.. well to make a long story short. we got two wave runners and a trailor for 5,000.00 less then he originally said.. not to bad holding an ice pack on his junk the whole time.. everything went well and no worry's about little ones anymore. i offered while on the table giving birth and he said i went through too much already.. it was his turn..

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    Originally posted by MRS FLYIN VEE
    he said i went through too much already.. it was his turn..
    We are such givers

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