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Thread: Alpha 1 HP

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    Can anyone tell me how much power an Alpha 1 will take. I am building a new 383 sbc and it is going to have anout 400 hp with about 450 t. This is going in a 22' concord 23p marige prop. hopeing for 70 gps.
    Thanks Ronnie

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    Not for long. Be easy on it and prop it for high rpm. Keep it under 6000. I had a BOSS 302 with over 500 HP and it didn't last long between rebuilds. ( ALPHA SS ) I also never shifted with the engine running. The looks I got when I would start it up to warm the engine then shut it down and restart in gear. Shifting is very hard on the alpha with anything over 700 rpm. OH buy the way it was in a 18 ft GLASTRON CARLSON that did low 90's
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    I have the same drive also and want to add some hp but have heard that 300 hp is the limit for reliability.Also heard that if you do a gear change it goes tpo 330hp but shifting becomes a problem.
    I would think that the torque from a bb would be more harmful than that of a small block if both engines say made 350 hp!

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    I run a alpha on a 21' with a 468 making 500 hp. runs low 80's, No problems and no rebuilds in 14 years.
    Don't hammer it out of the hole.
    Keep rpm under 5000.
    If it idles over 750 rpm start it in gear.
    Run synthectic gear lube, keeps it cooler.
    And I fill it just a little over to make sure the top bearing stays wet.
    Try not to get air born as the re entry is really hard on any outdrive.

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    Thanks for all the info. My new motor is still being built so I can make changes as needed. If anyone can tell me more that would be a great help.
    Thanks Ronnie

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    Speed cost money. how fast you wanna go?If you want to get an idea of what you need to hit 70 then go to bam marines home page and click on their knowledge base link. they have soem formulas and a calculator that will help you figure out how much hp you need to reach your destination. As far as the alpha goes i would say your going to have a headache with all that torque in front of it.Some people on here have made some interesting points about taking off easy and not letting the boat leave the water. But think about this. The most power ever put in front of and alpha by merc is about 300-330. They do this for a reason Ronnie.The alpha drive is a wonderfulo simple little machine until you start pouring gobs of torque into it.The motor yo uare building is specfically designed to be a torque monster. depending on your camshaft selcetion it is going to make gobs of torque between 3500 and 4500 rpms. now consdierhow"easy your going to want to take it when jo blow pulls by you at 20 in his 23 foot baja and gives you that cocky go ahead and try look. When you slam the throttle down to show him whos boss your going to show him how weak your outdrive is becasue sooner or later your going to slam the throttles down and the alpha is going to explode. A bravo drive or even an sx volvo would be much beter suited to handle the torque you are going to be making.If you dont havee the money to invest in the outdrive then stick with builing a 350 that will make a little less torque but that you can still pump 350 to 375 ponies out of. I think this will help your drive considerably and these motors are cheaper to buld because you dont have to put so much money in the rotating assemblies to attain durability.In the end is going to be a matter of maney and will. Can the alpha hold what your building? Yes . Will the alpha build what your holding? Depends on how you operate it. Personally i am building a similar set up and going to a Volvo sx drive because i likie knowing i can slam the throttles down and not haVE TO WORRY.

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    So let me get this right hammy i am a new alpha 350 owner and if i decide to do a head change and a slightly bigger cam i would be ok with the drive.I know the torque is the killer here.

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    flat broke
    So let me get this right hammy i am a new alpha 350 owner and if i decide to do a head change and a slightly bigger cam i would be ok with the drive.I know the torque is the killer here.Robert, Your first concern would be to make sure the cam you're looking at will allow you to idle the motor down below 700rpm. By now you've heard your alpha shift into gear, and you know its not the prettiest of sounds. Now imagine trying to engage that shift at say 900-1000RPM. It's gonna sound like a 15 yr old girl learning how to drive a stick for the first time. I don't know much about outdrives. But from the little experience I do have, I can tell you that adjusting the shift cables is a pain in the ass, and they don't like to be shifted into gear at higher idle speeds.

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    Let me get this straight. I have an '86, 24 ft Daytona with twin 260s. If I hop up to 383s and make good low end power, I will lunch the alpha drives. Does anyone make an after market alpha? Will bravo drives fit? Should I destroke with a steel crank and run high rpms? I was born to hot rod. Help.
    PS What's an X dimension?

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    Can't you guys with Alpha's install a shift interupter? As you shift the momentary engine kill should prevent the damage to the drive, that was OMC's better idea & is still in use by some I think. It would be way less expensive to do something like that I think.

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