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Thread: New Years Day at Lake Pleasant

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    To all the Arizona Hot Boat members and anyone else who would like to come out, we're having our fourth annual chilli cookout!
    Noon to 4:00 pm, Lower Parking lot next to Ten Lane Ramp. Look for the Motorhome with Extreme Boats Magazine on the side :0)
    Was a great turn out last year, about 15 differant chilli's and a few brought their boats too.
    See you there!

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    Shit!!!! The one AZ event I could attend and I'm gonna be gone!

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    Well if we are not too hung over we might just hop in the vette and come see you guys that is if we are still invited:wink:

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    Originally posted by Donnie
    Well if we are not too hung over we might just hop in the vette and come see you guys that is if we are still invited:wink:
    Oh, YOU are defintely not invited!

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    sounds like fun. are you allowed to bring a portable fire place? what else? chairs etc? how do the folks w/o the motor home keep the chili hot? camp stove? 100 questions:wink:

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    roln 20s
    Any one taking their boat? I think that my buddy and I might roll up there and cruise around for a little. We can definately stop by this chili cookout to. Look forward to seeing you all.
    Roln 20s

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    If the weather is nice I might bring out the kitty to play...

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    roln 20s
    Doghouse- I think you have too. Its tradition...well, I guess if you count last year at the beginning of the tradition, this year can keep it going
    PleasantCat--did you go to the parade of lights? You going to meet us up at Pleasant on the 1st?
    Cindy- thanks for the PM. I think we will try to, if the boat is working. Who knows, its been up at the marina since the last time I used it. It should be good to go
    Roln 20s

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    Hey Roln,
    How is the lake level? I know its way down. Do the officials think its gonna go dry if we don't get some rain? Looking at Powell and Mead has got me worried for my future home town lake.

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    It's down but still boatable. Does this every year. I'm pretty sure it gets filled by the aqueduct from Havasu each winter. Yeah, we sure could use a good snowpack in the Rockies and some local rain this year...
    Going out to Saguaro this Saturday for some test 'n tune time with HeavyHitter in case anyone is interested in showing up. Weather is supposed to hold out and be decent. Keeping my fingers crossed!

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