So we get up this morning to open presents...I run downstairs and step in a puddle....WTF??? My living room, kitchen, pantry and 1/2 bath all have a 1/4" of water. First thing I thought was that the hose on the back of the refrigerator must have broke, pull out the fridge and no leak? I get out the shop vac and the wife gets out some towles...can't find the leak so we clean it all up. Next she puts the 15 or so towles in the wash and we get ready to open gifts when the unthinkable happens....the toilet in the 1/2 bath starts overflowing and there's sh*t and tissues pouring all over the place. She is screaming and I'm yelling SHUT THE WASHER OFF!!! We found the leak, sewer is backed up between the house and the street, called Roto Router, no answer, so the next one in the phone book is Reddi Router...they came out at the tune of a few hundred bucks....which I would never have paid except that it's Christmas and I knew we were screwed. Well they snaked the line and my wife learned that certain feminine products are no longer allowed to be flushed! I shop vac'd about 60 gallons of sewage that went all over my downstairs, mixed up some bleach and hot water and scrubbed every square inch of the floor (tile thank God!!!). Hope everyone's Christmas is better than mine...oh yea, I got some great gifts but for some reason, that's not what I'll remember from this year! Oh, the water that we first cleaned up must have been from the dishwasher overflowing, we run it at night when we're asleep....DAMN THOSE TAMPONS!!!