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Thread: Who is #1 College Football Team?

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    After this pathetic game tonight, who is #1?

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    You guys suck 42 views and only 2 votes? Come on state your opinion They are just like assholes everyone has one.
    As A life long Bruin fan gulp mine is : USC was #1 in both polls and should have been in the Sweet & Low Bowl. Oklahoma should not have been there since they could not even win their conference.
    Tonights game proved that.
    So much for the Bull Champion Shit series people

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    You should know who I think is #1. The Pac 10 was not as weak as all of the east coast hater thought.

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    USC, no doubt in my mind

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    USC coulda run up the score on either of these teams. Really a piss-poor display of the "best that college football has to offer."

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    national champions?
    best teams in college?:yuk:
    my little brothers pop warner game had less mistakes!!!
    hell i'm not even a huge SC fan but they are NO.1 this year.

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    but they deserve

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    You are such a hater.

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    USC played an awsum game
    LSU played an awsum game
    i don't agree or like the selection process, and the two won't play
    so i guess their both #1"s.
    i like the fact that LSU handed OK their ass on a plate though !

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