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    frantic rat
    Hey everyone, new member here. I am looking for some help with installing new floors on my 1978 Hondo. I used to work there in the 70's and am familar with laminating. Does anyone know of someone in the LA area good with restoration for some help. Also I have heard of some epoxy's that could be good with this process but are not sure. Any help would be great.

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    Welcome to the boards rat.
    I just got done doing the process you are asking about.
    I would not have attempted it without the help of a good friend who know's how to fiberglass. & with the advice of Billy B. here on the boards.
    In a nut shell, Removed kick board & panels. Ground the floors down to glass. straight lined & filled. Layed in wood venier with marine epoxy resin. installed new kick boards & panels, also venierd. Layed a layer of glass over the top again with epoxy resin. Sanded & filled with resin, painted stringers & keel. getting ready to flo-coat this weekend.
    BTW-that is just an overview. I probably have more than 200 hours in just the floors of my deal. It is verry time consuming.
    Billy should chime in on this one.

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    frantic rat
    Thanks for the info, just stopped by Howard Boats on the way home to see if they might help with the supplies, got a bit of a tude, but they did offer to sell me their 5/8" runner bottom mold, and like I explained to the gentleman, that boat wouldn't run 30 years ago so why would I want one now.

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    There's a couple of ways to do this. You can call me at the shop if you'd like too. 909-982-8555. And i'll let you know what I know.

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    frantic rat
    Thanks for the great info on the phone!
    Frantic Rat

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    frantic rat
    Question for Billy B.
    I am sanding the floors now but am wondering how far to go. Like I explained on the phone the entire bottom is black. I have sanded down to see the original wood in some spots but it looks like I will have to go further to remove the cracks, possibly showing the white on the cloth. My question is this, if I am going to put venier on most of the bottom will the cracks underneath be a problem later if they are not completely sanded out now?
    Thanks as always,

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