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Thread: Fine then. Up yours!

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    ... sigh ... oh okay ... post count I meant
    I can't convincingly fake the PO'd thing ... but it was a fun thought!

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    you are on a roll today

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    I just feel like talking but none of my IM pals are on so ... here I do be.

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    Lets discuss your anger, FM, what is that you are agrivated about? (lol)

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    I'm angry that I'm in such a good mood and feel like being all chatty and everybody else is being so quiet
    <-- Have you ever seen me THIS angry before?
    I thought not.
    My friend Stace keeps getting booted off of MSN messenger or I wouldn't have my angry self on here right now ... I'd be chatting happily with her

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    Hey Deb why arent you guys out in your boat?Have you guys gone to lake peris with the new boat ?

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    We went to Lake Elsinore yesterday. Check out our pics on the hot spots west.
    The lake was GREEN! (I love my boat....I even love cleaning my boat)
    FM, I know it is sorta slow today.............I am getting sleepy.....

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    I'm sleepy too. Nap time I think. Or more coffee. It's stiflingly hot in my place. Not sure if that might be what is making me feel tired but I've yawned I think 5 times in the past 3 minutes.

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    mmm hmmm
    rare form

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    well you know usually I stick to song chain or post an occasional comment in other threads but every once in a while I feel like being chatty and I'll post new threads and say anything that pops into my head no matter how lame it is.

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