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Thread: Running engine "rules"

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    I am new in this family... I have a 1977 Haskell w/ 454 panther. What happens if you run the engine without being in water? other then overheating if you run it forever I mean. Is Panther jets really as bad as I was told by a boat shop mech? I switched from points to a DUI and thats it... boat completly stock with the exception of a blueprint rebuild to the jet... Bought from original owner with orginal sale receipt and add for the boat. He never even rebuilt the carb, but the boat runs great. It was a garage queen since purchased that hardly saw use except upkeep runs... any help I would appriciate... New to the JET boat scene... worked on Mercs... when in the Navy... and saddly that is all I know...

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    Panthers will make your boat go. Not the best for performance, but if you dont have plans of doing 80 or 90, you will be fine. How about some pics?

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    I will take some pics and post them soon. The orginal owner said it topped out close to 70... I have not been anywhere to try yet... just to Castaic so far... The bassets are hard to deal with w/ 20 month old son.... he, the burn threat and the boat unexperianced wife are a hand full... just happy it is an easy launch...

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    After I had my Panther rebuilt I was told only to run it 3-4 minutes without it being inthe water there is a seal that can be damaged. If you want to run it more you should un hook the pump from the motor. And with a Panther that can be an adventure

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    run engine without water????????? bad or no big deal??? I know mercs have rubber impellers that cook... anything on jets???

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    Thanks... I was worried that I might hurt something.... I never ran it more then that... just check to see if it starts before I hit the ramp.... thank you again

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    Originally posted by Screemy1
    run engine without water????????? bad or no big deal??? I know mercs have rubber impellers that cook... anything on jets???
    For a short amount of time you can run the engine without water but you should have a connection to hook a garden hose to your motor but start the motor first then turn on the hose so you get a little water coming out the exhaust. I shut the water off then shut off the engine. There's a learning curve to it so be careful you don't want to fill the cylinders with water thats a bad thing.

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