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Thread: Placecraft Deck Boat

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    Just saw in boat trader today the Placecraft is on sale for 38,900. good price I believe.

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    [QUOTE]Originally posted by bigq:
    [B]Just saw in boat trader today the Placecraft is on sale for 38,900. good price I believe.
    What county?

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    Originally posted by Riverhound:
    [QUOTE]Originally posted by bigq:
    [B]Just saw in boat trader today the Placecraft is on sale for 38,900. good price I believe.
    What county?
    I live in San Bernardino County, Rancho Cucamonga and I was wrong on the price, it is 38,500. The moreI think about it the better the price sounds. I've been to the shop and the boats are nicely rigged and although Placecraft has not produced a shit load of models or boats they have been around along time.

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    Chestah Cheetah
    Originally posted by 1quickjet:
    a custom built, blown motor, that ran a gps confirmed 100mph with a jet. Sweet.
    I saw and talked to a guy running a Placecraft 22 deck last season that also claimed 103MPH on radar - Jet! Don't remember what motor he was running, but I do know it was blown. It's actually a big 22 and as far as looks go it blows the Edge out of the water......even though I think the Edge is probably a faster hull.

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    As far as looks go, to each his own, I like the Edge better in that dept. and know of two personally (jets) that run in the low 90's cosistently. Both boats are cool in my book just because they are a different choice of boat for that size range. The Edge is hitting harder and planing quicker for the money if you do want a jet.

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    Is there a web site for Edge boats?....JR

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    Lowriver, What kind of H.P. are these boats runnig to get in to the 90 mph range? Are they a lower cost boat then the Placecraft? I am not opposed to jet boat as a matter of fact I've owned several of them along with my current boat. But to be honest I'm tired of putting alot of money into a motor and still get passed by a guy in a prop boat with warrented motor.

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    Understood about your gripe with props and warranties, One of the Edge boats I'm referring to has a blower (roots type) but it (blower) is not at it's maximum by any means and could easily be pushed another 5-7mph to over 100 if the pulleys were changed. The engine is in the 700hp. arena (it has been dynoed/I don't have the numbers with me)but this engine is set up to be driven regularly (pull kids/skiers) and is not a "one shot/glory top end boat" by any means. The other is running a non blower setup and the motor has more horsepower to do the same thing without a blower (and yes, it is more expensive). PlaceCraft put an ad in the L.A. County boat trader at 38,500 for a new deck boat (626)-442-9793. The photo shows a Placecraft with an I/O but I'd call to see if that price applies to the I/O or jet. I can say the Edge is right in the same ballpark as to a base price.
    As for the warranty with a motor, that's a hard one, I won't argue that you get more top end for the dollar with an I/O over a jet with equal power. Where I boat, jets are the the best choice but it is possible with the Edge to have a good top end in the same price range (Edge jet with mild hopped up engine vs. same boat with stock motor/I/O. I can guarantee you'll spank any semi vee 21 ft. jet cruiser with similar/higher HP in it (wih the Edge jet).
    It is no doubt going to take more HP to make any big (21+) jet run fast due to them being jets. You can have a warrantied I/O and motor package in either the Placecraft or the Edge and run over 100mph. I did read in HB online once that a Placecraft owner with a jet switched the drive to an I/O due to unhappiness with top end. I have no other info. on it but I'm sure Placecraft would know.
    I can say there are at least 8 new Edge decks (jets) on the water between Lost Lake and Water Wheel resort. All the owners are really happy with them. I think they're going to take off down there like the California Performance boats did in the same area in the 80's. Like I said earlier, I'm just happy there's something different that also performs well in the 21-22ft. market.

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    [QUOTE]Originally posted by Riverhound:
    [B]Skaterfast, Your bio says your a service mgr. Automotive? if so what dealer?
    Wood working machinery.Company is called Biesse.One of the largest machinery suppliers in the nation.
    Just saw Scott Place on Saterday and he said they sold 3 boats on friday.

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